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Weekly Game Jam 93

Day 1:

Day one of WGJ-93 is going fairly well. The theme selected was “fishing.” The game that I have decided to create is a simple non-tactics based game where the player controls a fish hook. This fish hook must dodge things such as jellyfish and driftwood, while still capturing fish. Fish capturing is handled by mousing over the fish for a certain amount of time. The amount of time is determined by the size of the fish (i.e. smaller fish will be easier to catch while larger fish will be harder to catch). As the player progresses deeper into the water, the amount of wooden planks, fish, and jellyfish increase. The game quickly becomes a matter of finding a pathway between all of the obstacles without being slowed by them. The hardest aspect of today’s work was finding a theme that I would be happy with. Tomorrow I intend to create and play sound effects for the game, as well as perhaps an upbeat tune to play in the background. In addition, the game requires a fail condition. I was thinking that this fail condition could be hitting a jellyfish or plank a certain amount of times (as currently hitting these objects only slows the player). The fact that the prototype has come together so quickly is both reassuring and concerning. I am relaxed because the concept and implementation of the ideas came so smoothly, and the celerity with which I was able to develop. I am however worried that the scope of this project is too small to compete adequately within the seven days of the competition. I feel that if I were pushed harder this would be a game that I could develop within the 48 hours of the Ludum Dare or GMTK compos instead of the 7 days of this competition. Perhaps I will turn in this project tomorrow, and take this jam as practice for the 48 hour Ludum Dare compo that I might participate in next week. Overall I am enjoying the experience, and being able to have a working prototype of a game that I created does feel very rewarding.

Day 2 - 7:

Unfortunately, due to mental health issues I was unable to complete this project. The final project as of 2019-04-19 is located on my github here.