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Post Mortem: Dune Head App

Dune this, dune that. I need some head

An example of the bot in action

I firmly believe this project is the brainchild of my sleepless nights and inappropriate internet memes. The dune-head-app project is based on an image macro that I found, disparaging the relatively recent movie release of Dune.

Thoughts on rust

This program was my first attempt at using the rust programming language. There are many things that I like about rust, such as the portability and lack of a need for garbage collection. There was a bit of a learning curve in the syntax and my way of thinking. Rust’s concept of variable ownership (while it gives it it’s powerful memory promises) was confusing to me when I first approached it. In addition, I am still learning the difference between “&str”, “String” and “&String”. Another thing which I dislike about rust is the necessity of third-party crates for some features that I am used to having in the dotnet framework, such as serialization and the like.


This app pulls the top searches from the google trends website. This website lists the top trends within a certain demographic, as well as images and news articles about the trends. I scrape the RSS feed of the US trending topics, and I parse it using the serde_xml_rs library. I then choose a random topic from these topics, and send a HTTP POST request to a Discord webhook. The webhook is specified in an environment variable, so that it could be easily changed during testing and it can be kept separate from the code. I have this bot running on my home computer in a cron job at 9 am every morning in order to keep my discord server up to date on current events. Truly there is no better way than this.

Here is a link to the code for perusing.